Why are expectations important?

More money in your pocket!

They will spend more

Increase the spending per purchase with each customer when they visit your business. They spend twice as much as your regular customer.

They will come back

Increasing customer loyalty will help you reduce marketing costs and increase repeating purchases from the same customer. They spend 50% more in products and services than new customers.

They will bring friends

Word of mouth, the best marketing tool business can have. We all buy if a friends recommends a product or service. You will see an increase in lead generation and lower in cost-per-lead than any other method.

How can i start making my customer's happy?

You will need tools and specialists that will help you evaluate your current state and see where you can be.


Start collecting and measuring customer data in all you business touchpoints( Email, Website, Messaging, Social Media, etc.)


After collecting and measuring, you read and interpret the data which will tell you what your customer is thinking, feeling and doing.


Once you understand what they are currently thinking, feeling and doing you can evaluate your whole customer experience and establish how to improve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Focused on transforming your sales, operations and customer service.

What counts as an experience?

An experience is any process a user/customer needs to go through to obtain your service/product. Websites, apps and chatbots are some examples.

Do you make software for other businesses?

Indeed we do. We have an in-house development team which builds websites, apps, server/cloud applications, etc. If you want it, we can probably build it.

How much does it cost to develop an app?

Complicated question. Hit the "Let's talk" button so we can have a better understanding on what you want, and we can tell you a better estimate.

I have a business idea and don't know where to start?

Hit the "Lets talk" button. We can tell you from a technological standpoint if your idea is viable. Business-wise, we will recommend you to our business network which have very highly capable groups that help in these kinds of situations.

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