Case Study: RDN – Reciclaje del Norte


in this case study, we will explore how our collaboration with Reciclaje del Norte, a recycling management company, led to the successful development of a robust website and the implementation of an automated email marketing system. This partnership not only improved the company's online presence but also simplified their client acquisition process, resulting in a remarkable 20% monthly growth rate in new quotes.

The Challenge:

Reciclaje del Norte's team reached out to us with concerns about their outdated website, which was not functioning properly, leading to a significant drop in quotation requests for their services. As part of ALQMY's standard procedure, we began by conducting a thorough analysis of their digital properties. Our findings revealed critical issues with their website, including the lack of SEO optimization, 60 errors, and excessively long loading times. Furthermore, they were not collecting emails for targeted campaigns. We also discovered that their WordPress site had been compromised, resulting in malicious bot attacks.

Our Approach:

Think: Analysis and Evaluation

Following ALQMY's think approach, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of Reciclaje del Norte's digital properties. Our investigation revealed significant shortcomings in their website's performance and security. The lack of SEO optimization meant they were missing out on valuable organic search traffic. Over 60 errors and slow loading times deterred potential customers from exploring their services. Additionally, the absence of a lead collection system for email marketing hindered their ability to conduct targeted marketing campaigns. The compromised WordPress code left them vulnerable to further security breaches.

Make: Website Development and Design

Leveraging our ability in web development, we designed and developed a visually appealing and user-friendly website for Reciclaje del Norte. The website was crafted to showcase their comprehensive range of waste management services and highlight their commitment to sustainability.

We focused on creating an intuitive navigation structure, allowing visitors to easily access relevant information about services, recycling programs, and environmental initiatives. The website design reflected their brand identity, incorporating visually engaging elements and clear call-to-action buttons to encourage visitor engagement.

To streamline client interactions, we implemented an automated system that enabled users to request quotes and make service inquiries directly through the website. This simplified the process for clients and significantly reduced response times for Reciclaje del Norte.


Launch: Automated Email Marketing

To further enhance Reciclaje del Norte's customer outreach and engagement, we implemented an automated email marketing system. We collaborated closely with their team to develop personalized email campaigns that targeted different customer segments based on their interests and engagement history.

By using customer data collected through the website, we developed tailored email content that supplied valuable insights, educational resources, and promotional offers. Through strategic email automation, we ensured prompt and relevant communication with clients, fostering stronger relationships and driving customer loyalty.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of the new website and automated email marketing system yielded significant results for Reciclaje del Norte. Over the course of the partnership, they experienced a remarkable 20% monthly growth rate in client quotes. The website's improved functionality and user experience attracted a larger audience, while the automated email campaigns fostered ongoing engagement and repeat business.

The streamlined client communication process reduced response times. Additionally, the data-driven approach allowed Reciclaje del Norte to gain valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors, enabling them to refine their services and marketing strategies.



The collaboration between Reciclaje del Norte and our team resulted in a transformative digital solution. By developing a user-centric website and implementing an automated email marketing system, we enabled Reciclaje del Norte to expand their client base, improve customer interactions, and drive sustainable growth. This case study shows the power of combining thoughtful website development with data-driven email marketing, resulting in remarkable outcomes for businesses.

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