Case Study: Custo Coop


This case study highlights the successful collaboration between ALQMY and Custo Co-op, a credit union facing the challenge of appealing to a new generation and improving the efficiency of their application processing. Recognizing the need for integrated solutions, ALQMY stepped in to assist Custo Co-op on two different fronts. Through this case study, we will explore how ALQMY's approach enhance Custo Co-op's operations and their digital presence.

The Challenge:

Custo Co-op, like many financial institutions in the market, faced the challenge of attracting and engaging a new generation of clients. Additionally, the credit union sought to expedite the processing of client applications, enhancing operational efficiency, and improving the overall client experience. They approached ALQMY for assistance in implementing new tools to streamline processes and developing an effective digital strategy to connect with present and future clients. Like many financial institutions they were paying thousands of dollars to agencies without obtaining the desired results, just vanity metrics.

Thinks: Challenge Accepted

ALQMY proposed an integrated solution that addressed both challenges faced by Custo Co-op. Firstly, to streamline processes, ALQMY introduced, a Puerto Rican tech ecosystem solution. offered a bio-link/webpage platform that could be easily customized and tailored to Custo Co-op's specific needs. It provided a seamless way to connect the credit union's website, services, and marketing efforts. With, Custo Co-op's staff gained control and the ability to quickly launch campaigns, attracting new clients without the need for investments and without an ROI. Example of the pages created Custo Link.

In addition to the implementation, ALQMY focused on developing a comprehensive digital strategy for Custo Co-op. This included lead collection efforts and email marketing campaigns. By leveraging these digital tools, Custo Co-op could connect with clients more effectively, provide a streamlined application process, and offer modern banking experience.

Make: Using a Bio Link tool for Lead Generation

ALQMY worked closely with Custo Co-op's team to implement and integrate it seamlessly into their existing infrastructure. The platform's flexibility allowed for easy customization, enabling the credit union to showcase their website, services, and marketing campaigns in a visually appealing and user-friendly manner. This integration provided Custo Co-op with a powerful tool to attract new clients and effectively communicate their offerings.

The lead collection efforts implemented by ALQMY allowed Custo Co-op to gather valuable information from potential clients, enhancing their ability to target and engage with the right audience. By capturing relevant data through optimized lead capture forms, Custo Co-op could tailor their marketing strategies to meet the specific needs and preferences of their clients.

ALQMY's expertise in email marketing played a crucial role in developing personalized and engaging campaigns for Custo Co-op. By leveraging automated email workflows, Custo Co-op could nurture leads, deliver relevant information, and provide a seamless client experience. This strategic approach ensured that present and future clients received timely and targeted communications, fostering stronger relationships and boosting client engagement.

Launch: Training and Empowerment of the Staff.

Throughout the implementation process, ALQMY worked closely with Custo Co-op's staff, providing comprehensive training to ensure they could maximize the potential of the digital tools and effectively manage their marketing campaigns. The collaboration between ALQMY and Custo Co-op led to a smooth transition to the new system, with the credit union's staff confidently utilizing the integrated tools to enhance their operations.


ALQMY's collaboration with Custo Co-op resulted in significant improvements for the credit union. The implementation of, combined with lead collection efforts and email marketing campaigns, empowered Custo Co-op to appeal to a new generation of clients and streamline their application processing. The integrated tools provided by ALQMY allowed Custo Co-op's staff to efficiently manage their marketing efforts and connect with clients in a modern and engaging manner.

By leveraging's customizable bio-link/webpage platform, Custo Co-op could showcase their services and deliver marketing campaigns effectively. The lead collection efforts are paying off, in two ways. Maintaining the current members of the Co-op up to date with offers and services. The second appealing to new potential members.

Through ALQMY's expertise in digital strategy and implementation, Custo Co-op successfully transformed their operations, embracing digital tools to optimize processes, attract new clients, and provide a seamless client experience.

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